#UC continues to be a sick and brutal place to work if you’re a woman

Screenshot 2018-01-26 at 09.42.08.png

Tyann Sorrell has won a $1.7 million sexual harassment settlement with the University of California.

Sorrell is a reluctant hero of the “Me Too” movement, a soft-spoken and poised mother of five who challenged one of UC’s most hallowed institutions, the UC Berkeley School of Law, and its newly hired leader.

As an executive assistant at the law school, joining in 2012, Sorrell described her initial years as positive and her relationship with then-Dean Christopher Edley as “a wonderful bond.” Everything changed in mid-2014, she said, with the arrival of Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional law scholar who replaced Edley and became Sorrell’s new superior.

He was a sex criminal. The University did nothing.

According to the Sacramento Bee, an internal investigation found that Choudhry had violated university policies with his “unwelcome” kissing, hugging and touching of Sorrell, according to the report, but he was not placed on leave. As discipline, he was given a temporary 10 percent pay cut from his $472,917 annual salary and required to write an apology letter to her.

That means nothing.

Sorrell, who had made numerous internal reports about Choudhry’s behavior, said she was required to use her accrued sick and vacation time to take time off to avoid being around him. In March 2016, she filed a lawsuit in Alameda Superior Court.

Under the settlement reached last year with Sorrell, the UC Regents still denied her claims and allegations.

Besides the $1.7 million settlement, Choudhry struck a separate agreement in which he will pay $50,000 to Sorrell’s attorneys and $50,000 to charities of her choice that deal with sexual harassment and violence. He will voluntarily resign in May as part of his own agreement with the regents.

UC is sick, brutal, and perverse.


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