#White #elite #Leftists rally behind #GavinNewsom

Screenshot 2018-01-26 at 08.59.48.png

Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, are endorsing Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom for governor.

Giffords and Kelly are the darlings of the white elites who struggle to maintain control of California’s government.

Peter Ambler, the executive director of the Giffords’ political action group, said the couple is endorsing Newsom because of his history of action on progressive causes. Things that have nothing to do with helping the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill or people of color.

“When we were deciding who to support for important offices like who’s going to be the next governor of California, we need somebody who’s going to have the courage to promote evidence-based policies that are actually going to save people’s lives,” Ambler said. “Gavin has illustrated that quality during his entire career.”

Gavin is also a white, elite, Leftist.


One thought on “#White #elite #Leftists rally behind #GavinNewsom

  1. Giffords’ political action group//.. the usual run of the mill anti-gun trolls that inhabit Kaly at election time.. All they can do is push for MORE gun control and try to decimate the 2nd Amendment using their folksy talk Like .. hey folks,.. we own two shotguns and we have NO intention of stealing your legally bought guns.. They want that little turd Gavin to go full blown confiscation folks.. This ALL the demoRat Party can offer. No solutions to the massive issues facing Kaly.. Broken Damns, lousy roads, Gas becoming unaffordable, criminal released to cause more mayhem and murder.. But hey.. We need MORE gun control for the Peoples Republic.


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