#Dreamers OK with President #Trump’s wall

Screenshot 2017-12-13 at 08.06.51When Gerardo Gomez of San Francisco opens Facebook these days, he is often confronted by posts raising the same question — one that is largely theoretical but has generated unusually fierce debate in the community of immigrants known as “Dreamers” to which he belongs.

Would they accept President Trump’s wall at the U.S.-Mexico border if it meant citizenship for the nearly 700,000 people protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program?

“It’s usually, ‘I’m willing to have a wall if I stay,’ or ‘Would you be OK with having a wall if it means citizenship?’” said Gomez, who came to the United States from Mexico at age 3 and will see his DACA status expire in August unless Congress emerges from negotiations with a fix.

The San Francisco Chronicle says the debate is a sign of the profound worry gripping DACA recipients, whose protections were established by former President Barack Obama but are being phased out by Trump.

The Chronicle also editorialies (yes, in a news story) that it also exposes the raw feelings about the wall, which is seen as a symbol of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda on both the left and right.

Not really. Dreamers aren’t stupid. They’re OK with the President’s deal.

“You’ll be the first one in line to apply” if there’s a compromise, read one posting.  For most DACA recipients, the wall is no big deal.

Ana Rodriguez, a 26-year old who lives in Union City and works at a day care center, expressed a different perspective. She said thinking about the prospect of a life without a work permit and protection from deportation — which DACA now provides her through October — can be too much.

How would she be able to make a life for herself, she asks, and to have a family?

“If building a wall leads us to having citizenship, then I’m all for it,” Rodriguez said. “The U.S. is what I know and that’s where I want to live my life — I want to be a part of it in full.”

Leftists naturally freak out and try to downplay such sentiments. After all, they really want open borders. Anything that makes President Trump or America look good, causes them to recoil in horror.



One thought on “#Dreamers OK with President #Trump’s wall

  1. Unless those numbers are whittled down to a few hundred thousand, it ain’t going to pass. No families could be brought back Only they could stay.. period and any with criminals records go back FIRST !!


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