More taxes for Californians to love coming to the June ballot

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 08.20.50.pngCalifornians love taxes as much as they love drugs.

That’s why the Los Angeles Times happily announces that California’s secretary of state assigned numbers Friday to the four propositions on the June primary ballot, proposals crafted by state lawmakers last year. The list includes issues such as borrowing for drought, parks projects and restrictions on raiding new fuel tax revenues.

Under a 2011 law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, proposals submitted by the public appear only on November statewide ballots — and as many as a dozen are now making their way through the process of collecting voter signatures.

In contrast, the four propositions voters will consider in June were the result of legislative negotiations on a variety of topics.



One comment

  1. Taxifornia is alive and well… The deadbeats and welfare types will happily pass this stuff as… They don’t pay taxes.. here’s the reason the middle class & Business is fleeing Kaly..


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