The #LADodgers latest ticket scheme is just another way to jerk fans around

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 08.28.28The Dodgers are taking a cue from state leaders. They know Angelenos are sheep to be sheared, cows to be milked, so they’re jacking up prices.

Now, the Los Angeles Times reports, if you would like to see the Dodgers from a field-level seat overlooking the bullpen, the team will charge you $80 for your seat.

That’s on April 21. If you can wait four days, the Dodgers will charge you $33 for the very same seat.

Sort of like Uber’s surge pricing…the numbers keep moving. Remember, you’re just the customer. Why would the Dodgers care what you think?

The Dodgers put single-game tickets on sale Friday, with seats available in as many as 40 classifications and games priced based on six levels of anticipated popularity. Opening day tickets were not available Friday; the team currently is selling them only as part of multi-game packages.

The Dodgers have dropped the number of games for which they offer their lowest price from 16 four years ago to two again this year — two weekday games that start at 4:35 p.m.

The cheapest ticket for those games is $14. But for a working parent who wants to take his or her children to Dodger Stadium but cannot make either of those games, the cheapest ticket on sale Friday was $23.



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