Despite relentless attacks from the elite media, the President’s #SOTU speech will be a good one

Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 08.01.12.pngDespite the relentless attacks from a white elite, America-hating media, President Donald Trump will look to continue sending his strong message of putting Americans first during his State of the Union address.

And why not? Clearly his tax cut and economic policies are already benefiting every American.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the theme of his Tuesday night address to Congress and the country is “Building a safe, strong and proud America,” and the president is looking to showcase accomplishments of his first year while setting the tone for the second.

Aides say the president plans to set a tone of compromise, and to make an appeal beyond his base.

The annual address is a big set piece for any president, a prime-time window to address millions of voters. Every word is reviewed, every presidential guest carefully chosen, every sentence rehearsed. The stakes are enormous for Trump, hoping to move past a turbulent first 12 months in office.

The elite media will find nothing but hate and scorn for the President. Everyone else will get it. The President’s speech will no doubt be a good one.



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