#SanDiego’s infrastructure continues to crumble

Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 07.35.41San Diego is facing decreased funding for infrastructure combined with a longer list of needed projects, creating a $1.57 billion gap that is jeopardizing the city’s ability to fix sidewalks, build bike lanes and keep parks in good shape.

Welcome to Libtopia, a place where an ordered society is managed by state mandates, and where happy taxpayers pick up the tab.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the gap is $310 million larger than it was a year ago, despite increased focus on the problem by city officials and a 2016 ballot measure that created the first revenue stream devoted to infrastructure projects.

And the list of needs only covers the next five years, not the city’s long-term infrastructure backlog which has been estimated at roughly $5 billion.

The five-year funding gap is expected to grow because less private development and fewer grants will likely shrink revenues, while state storm water mandates and other needs have lengthened the project list.

A new analysis presented recently to the City Council’s Infrastructure Committee shows needs over the next five years approach $4.37 billion, compared to $2.8 billion of available funds. That’s a gap of $1.57 billion.

A similar five-year infrastructure outlook completed last winter showed funding needs of $4.3 billion with just over $3 billion available, a gap of $1.27 billion.


One thought on “#SanDiego’s infrastructure continues to crumble

  1. instead of paying welfare to bums who don’t pay taxes,, maybe Da Mayor could spend the welfare cash on his voters and get those projects funded.. OR ask Old jerry to stop handing out welfare and start fixing the freakin roads and sidewalks..


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