So they can trash President #Trump, the #MercuryNews offers up immigrant family to #ICE

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In the San Jose Mercury News‘ relentless desire to destroy President Trump, they’ve decided to throw one immigrant family to the wolves.

Immigrants across the Bay Area and around the country, their fates lie in the hands of a contorted Congress and a mercurial president who can’t come to terms over immigration legislation.

President Trump’s latest proposal would create a path to citizenship for 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants, known as “Dreamers,” who were brought to the country illegally as children. That’s nearly double the number who were protected under the Obama administration, but Trump’s plan would strictly limit families from bringing relatives — other than spouses or children — to the U.S. and end the visa lottery system. It also would beef up immigration enforcement and set aside $25 billion for a border wall.

Trump’s proposal would protect Ernesto Perez’s two children who are “Dreamers” — Angela, a senior at Cal State Long Beach, and Max, a security guard at Walmart — and likely the youngest of the family, Cristina, a Silver Creek High School junior who has yet to apply. But it won’t help their father in San Jose or their mother, who doesn’t live with the family.

So knowing ICE was targeting California because of the state’s sanctuary laws, the Mercury News decided to put the Perez family right there in the paper….making it easy for ICE to come and get them.

What compassion. What journalism. Enjoy your Police State.


One thought on “So they can trash President #Trump, the #MercuryNews offers up immigrant family to #ICE

  1. Unfortunately, Mercury is using HUMAN PROPS to push an illegal Unconstitutional executive order ain’t going to work.. They’re BORDER JUMPERS. Putting up one illegal family in nice clothes and smiles don’t hide the fact that the daughter is taking a college spot from an American student and the same goes for the kid who’ s security guard.. Data shows us that the majority of these illegals have criminals records and only about 9% have applied for college. the rest are NOT American citizenship material. Say goodbye and thank for getting an education at the taxpayer’s expense. and of course, they vote democrat. Thats the real reason for the Dem’s demanding they get rights and voting rights.. Kalys elections can now be nullified by having non-citizens voting in Federal and State elections.


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