#ElonMusk enters the retail flamethrower business

Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 06.11.40.png

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, has another innovative product up in his sleeve: a $500 flamethrower.

The Mercury News reports that Musk announced the flamethrower, after weeks of teasing a possible flamethrowing product for his newest venture, The Boring Company.

His legions of followers have lapped up the chance to buy a flamethrower, with over 2,000 people pre-ordering the device.

The California Health and Safety Codes 12750 to 12761 outline that owning or selling flamethrowers is illegal without a permit granted from the state fire marshal, joining Maryland as the only two states in the country to have flamethrower regulations.

However, Musk’s flamethrower emits fire less than the defined 10 feet, so they aren’t required to get a permit.

“Flamethrowers that shoot a flame over 10 feet long require a permit in (California),” a company spokesman said in an email. “This flamethrower projects a flame that is shorter than 10 feet and as such does not require a permit.”

Some on social media are speculating this was a joke. When asked whether the flamethrower is a joke, the spokesman said this is no practical joke.

“It is real,” he said. “You can place an order on the website and we will start shipping in the spring.”



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