#LA’s homeless crisis is off the charts

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In the Liberal Utopia known as Los Angeles, the forgotten people are known as the homeless. They’ve become a blight that the white elites are trying to desperately exterminate.

According to the Los Angeles Times, they’re part of the streetscape, as familiar as the swaying palm trees and idling traffic, living under freeways, alongside riverbeds and on canyon hillsides.

How poetic their plight has become.

The mentally ill, the drug addicts, the economically disadvantaged, many with their life belongings in a backpack or shopping cart. The police harass them every single day.

On skid row it is not possible to walk on the sidewalk. Rows of tents and blue tarp shanties lined the entire stretch, extending all the way to the curb, so you had to walk in the street.

There’s a growing constellation of skid rows across greater Los Angeles, from Burbank to Bel-Air and Pasadena to Pacific Palisades. Los Angeles, rich beyond dreams, is a refugee camp, its riverbeds and alleys draped in blue tarpaulin.

It’s how L.A. rolls.


One thought on “#LA’s homeless crisis is off the charts

  1. Anyone ever ask how this is happening.. Theses poor people have direct ties to LA’s .. DA Mayor and Jerry “Red” Brown’s horrible economic, socialist policies that make a few donors stupid rich and impoverish everyone else. One fact purposely left out is the fact that about 29% are illegal aliens.. You can deport them first and magically reduce this demoRat caused nightmare by almost 30%.. ohh but that would NOT be PC !!!!!


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