#Whitesupremicists mock #SanFrancisco #sanctuarycity law

Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 07.05.18.png

A sign mocking San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy was hung early Sunday over the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel in San Francisco.

The sign read “Danger” in red letters and “Sanctuary City Ahead” with a skull and crossbones on both sides of the poster. It was visible to Bay Bridge motorists driving west on Interstate 80 but was quickly removed according to the politically correct California Highway Patrol.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the sign was attributed to Identity Evropa.

According to Identity Evropa’s website, the group is made up of “a generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that we are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent. We reject the idea that our identities are mere abstractions to be deconstructed.”

The organization attempts to recruit college-age, white students to discuss white interests, according to the law center.

It was founded in March 2016 by Nathan Damigo, a 31-year-old Marine and student at Cal State Stanislaus.


One thought on “#Whitesupremicists mock #SanFrancisco #sanctuarycity law

  1. Thats a great idea. FINALLY. A grp that says we are European and have identities and a history and culture. Just like the leftist crackpot always run around saying. So it’s a BAD thing if your European to be proud of your heritage.. Finally, we are seeing pushback against an embedded grp of radical followers of Marx.. People should check out their site and seriously consider joining it to show our pride also..


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