#Rich #whitepeople always defend sex criminals like #LarryNassar

Screenshot 2018-01-30 at 07.52.57.pngAccording to the San Francisco Chronicle, here are many lessons to be learned in the horrible Larry Nassar sexual-abuse case and its continuing fallout.

However, being elite and white, the Chronicle’s staff missed the most important one:

White elites who run our universities will always defend sex criminals.

For years, gymnasts tried to tell their story, their horror, their shame. They were ignored by almost every responsible adult in their lives. As a consequence, USA Gymnastics — and by extension, the image of the U.S. Olympic movement — is in tatters. A national shame.

Now, it turns out that the “responsible adults” (read white elites) at Michigan State were extremely skilled at ignoring the complaints and voices of other assault victims, not just the gymnasts.

The entire athletic program is in danger of unraveling, with the jobs of basketball head coach Tom Izzo and football head coach Mark Dantonio hanging in the balance.

Before Michigan State, there was Penn State and Baylor — and don’t forget the parade of sex criminals rampaging through UC Berkeley.

This has been the reality of the world of big-money. When cash is on the line, th white elites who run our nation’s universities will throw sex crime victims under the bus.


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