Another punishing #drought looms ahead for California

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Politicians have done nothing since the last drought to alleviate California’s water shortage problem.

California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack — a key source of the state’s water supply — is 30 percent of normal.

Experts say February is the peak season for snow accumulation. Nearly all of California’s rain and snow falls between Nov. 1 and March 31. So time is running short.

Ominously, the forecast for the next two weeks calls for more hot weather across the state, with almost no chance of rain or snow.

Over the past 90 days, the average temperature in the Sierra has been about five degrees hotter than average.

The good news, according to the Mercury News, reservoirs around California are in good shape. Most are nearly full after last year’s storms, reducing the chance of summer water restrictions.

So there’s no real crisis, leaving plenty of maneuvering space for California’s lazy politicians to blame President Trump for the lack of rain.


2 thoughts on “Another punishing #drought looms ahead for California

  1. Funny, I haven’t heard Jerry screaming yet that it’s his favorite boogyman. Global Warming that is behind this… Kaly is Medditrrain climate folks and droughts are a big part of Kaly weather system.. As Jerry said about the fires that ravaged the state.. ” Get used to it”


  2. California’s worst wounds are self-inflicted, not ‘Acts of God’.
    Wildfires, flooding and water shortages are direct results of the
    criminal ‘disposal’ of 20 trillion gallons of pure rainwater yearly.

    Federal experts who’ve been offering to correct these problems
    free for 75 years were misrepresented to voters so that absurd
    planning could be pushed through to further enrich the banker
    mafia that dictates California affairs.

    Horrible Example:
    San Diego County gets 1.35 trillion gallons of precip yearly,
    disposes’ of 800 billion to justify importing 225 billion, bleeding a
    typical homeowner of $6,000 for unneeded services-infrastructure.

    The extortion in progress is too big to be visible.

    Corrupt journalism, not drought, is California’s deadliest enemy,
    making it “The World’s Most Profitable CriMinal EnterprIse.


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