#CaliforniaDemocrats would rather see #Dreamers deported than work with President #Trump to find a solution

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California’s leaders continue to target Latinos for brutality.

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Donald Trump vowed to reach across the aisle on topics from immigration to infrastructure.

California Democrats however can’t seem to afford a bipartisan compromise, on anything.

The East Bay Times reports that Democrats blasted the speech’s tough line on immigrants and what they described as empty platitudes toward unity.

Trump’s address included both calls for bipartisanship and hard-line talk on topics like terrorism.

In California, Trump’s remarks about immigration gained the most attention. He laid out his proposal for immigration reform in more specifics, calling for giving “Dreamers” — young undocumented immigrants brought to the country illegally — a path to citizenship, while securing the nation’s borders to keep terrorists and brutal gang members off of America’s streets.

Screenshot 2018-01-31 at 09.33.43.png
California Democrats turn down path to citizenship, hand dreamers over to ICE.

Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris are OK with screwing Dreamers because they think doing so makes President Trump look bad. In short, they’d rather see Dreamers deported than work with the President to find a solution.

Others objected to Trump’s extended discussion of the MS-13 gang, in which he introduced families of Americans killed by its members. Apparently MS-13 hasn’t killed enough people to impress the Democrats.


One thought on “#CaliforniaDemocrats would rather see #Dreamers deported than work with President #Trump to find a solution

  1. Sen. Kamala Harris is OK with screwing Dreamers as they aren’t voting in large enough numbers.. illegally yet for her to bother with them. The Dem’s are simply using them as Pawns to try to get points against President Trump. It ain’t working !! I’m perfectly OK with the irrelevant Dem’s watching their voting base be deported..
    MAGA !!


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