#CalState tries to blackmail Legislators for more money

Screenshot 2018-01-31 at 07.38.18.pngCalifornia State University trustees are considering raising tuition for the second straight year.

It’s a blackmail move to try and shake-down the Legislature for more money.

According to the Merced Sun Star, Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed state budget allocates a fraction of what the system’s 23 campuses need to maintain their quality of education at a time of record-high enrollment, university officials told the trustees at a meeting in Long Beach.

A “fraction”? Seriously?

The governor’s proposed budget includes $3.8 billion for CSU in 2018-19, which includes a $92.1 million increase in state funding.

The Legislature will approve the budget in June.

The University of California is also considering raising tuition at its 10 campuses due to what it calls inadequate state funding. The UC Board of Regents last week delayed a vote on increasing tuition until May, saying its officials also will lobby the Legislature in the interim.



One thought on “#CalState tries to blackmail Legislators for more money

  1. Common sense should tell you that Janet Napolitano is the culprit behind this shakedown.. She needs to be replaced with an educator and not an Obama political hack who was given this job for her loyalty to Barack and HIS corrupt deeds that are now being exposed !!


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