Union defends firefighter who cheated on #CalFire test

Screenshot 2018-01-31 at 08.07.43A high-ranking state firefighter with 24 years of experience was compelled to resign last month because Cal Fire nailed him for helping a fire captain cheat on a test.

Some hero eh?

Jeff Isaacs’ ouster as an assistant chief for the department’s Fresno unit is a sign of the tough line Cal Fire has taken on discipline since a 2014 investigation revealed sex-related misconduct and inappropriate drinking at its fire academy.

Rampant cheating, patronage, drinking and sex scandals has forced Cal Fire to build up a professional standards program while simultaneously enhancing its resources for internal investigations in order to weed out the pervasive criminal element within the department.

Well done Cal Fire!

The Merced Sun Star reports that the case against Isaacs centered on a 23-minute phone conversation he had with a former subordinate at Cal Fire’s Atwater station after Isaacs learned that he would sit in on interview panels for the exam.

Naturally the firefighters union is deafening Isaacs’ criminal activity.

“Jeff Isaacs was railroaded,” said Mike Lopez, president of Cal Fire’s firefighter union. “I’m very disappointed that a veteran of 24 years of the fire service had his career cut short because of hearsay with no physical evidence.”

Yeah, right.


If we are to believe firefighters are heroes, then we have a right to expect them to act like heroes.


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