#AdamSchiff continues to embarrass #Democrats, #California

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 08.09.09.pngThe clown show continues.

According to Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Devin Nunes “secretly altered” a classified and controversial memo about secret surveillance during the 2016 presidential campaign before he sent it to the White House for review.

More #FakeNews. That’s apparently all the Democrats have.

A spokesman for Nunes (R-Tulare), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, said the adjustments were only “minor edits” and brushed off the accusation from Schiff (D-Burbank), the panel’s ranking Democrat.

In a letter to Nunes, Schiff wrote that “material changes” were made to the four-page document that members of Congress were able to read before the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Monday to release it.

The vote sent the memo to the White House, giving President Trump five days to decide whether to object to its release. The president has signaled that the document should be made public, but Schiff said the process needs to restart.

Of course, Schiff did not say precisely what had changed in the memo, or why it was significant.

Jack Langer, a spokesman for Nunes, described Schiff’s letter as part of an “increasingly strange attempt” to prevent the document’s release. He said the changes include “minor edits to the memo, including grammatical fixes and two edits requested by the FBI and by the Minority themselves.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Schiff’s accusation was the latest twist in the saga over the memo, which has become one of the more hotly contested sideshows to the special counsel investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 campaign.

The classified document reveals improper surveillance and other FBI abuses, Democrats and their allies in law enforcement officials are twisting the facts for partisan purposes.

They are desperate.


One thought on “#AdamSchiff continues to embarrass #Democrats, #California

  1. Desperate is strong enough.. Looking at San Fran Nan face a few days ago while w=she was being interviewed, about the Memo.. shear fear was all over her Botoxed face.. Schiff is the poster child for corrupt demoRats folks and when this is released, Lynch, Hilda, McCabe, Huma and the others who were drunk with power and tried to rig an election and then stage a soft coup against President Trump are.going to be exposed and hopefully jailed..


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