Sex crime allegations prompt #JamesFranco’s alma mater to purge his artwork

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 08.25.58.pngFollowing serious sex crime charges leveled against Palo Alto High School alumnus James Franco, Principal Kim Diorio told The Paly Voice that she is struggling to determine the future of the Golden-Globe winner’s artistic contributions to the campus.

Diorio decided to have workers paint over the remaining mural on the school’s Student Center, while leaving the paintings inside the Media Arts Center untouched.

“I made the decision we’ll take down the mural on the Student Center because I think that’s the one that’s most visible to the outside community,” Diorio said.

Diorio said the paintings and mural were temporary contributions to the campus in 2014, when Franco spoke and debuted an experimental film at the 2014 opening of the MAC, an event that raised $7,000 for the Paly MAC boosters.

“When we were opening the MAC we wanted to do a big celebration,” Diorio said. “Nothing was intended to be permanent. Even his artwork is still considered to be ‘on loan’ to us.”

Diorio said she plans to leave the future of the paintings in the MAC to the discretion of the Paly media arts community.


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