#GavinNewsom leads in fundraising, but will it give him enough of an edge?

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Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has far outraised his rivals from both parties in the race for California governor with more money available to spend than all his rivals from both parties combined ahead of the June 5 primary according to the Modesto Bee.

Cash is critical to the candidates’ ability to get their message out and sway voters, particularly in a sprawling state with a population approaching 40 million and some of the most expensive media markets in the country.

Newsom, a Democrat and former San Francisco mayor, had nearly $17 million in the bank at the end of last year, according to his campaign finance report filed Wednesday. He has another $3 million left from a prior campaign, some of which he can use in his bid for governor.

But will it be enough? His main Democratic rivals, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and state Treasurer John Chiang, have raised nearly $6 million each, though Chiang had $3.2 million left from his last campaign. Former state schools chief Delaine Eastin, also a Democrat, had just $184,000.

Newsom is an extreme Leftist. He’ll be a tough sell to voters outside the Bay Area.


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  1. The simple answer is no.. The Mexicans, like the blacks, will vote for another Mexican .. aka Tony the Jackel enmass.. There aren’t any good candidates anymore in Kaly since Prop 14 was passed.. welcome to your Soviet-style one-party Socialist government folks


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