President Trump won’t save San Diego from traffic hell

Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 07.35.09.pngThe news for moving around on anything with wheels in the future is not good. And don’t expect Donald Trump to bail us out.

Over the past couple of weeks, stories have been relentless about funding shortfalls, threatened revenue streams, cost overruns and delays affecting local and state transportation systems reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

It would be nice for the federal government to ride to the rescue. Of course, San Diego’s leaders have gone out of their way to insult President Trump and the Republicans who control Congress.

So with that, state and local governments are on the hook to come up with a larger-than-usual pot of matching funds to pay for improvements under Trump’s latest infrastructure proposal.

Nice going San Diego.


One thought on “President Trump won’t save San Diego from traffic hell

  1. Jerry has huge amounts fo money taken from the middle class when they passed the 72 cent gas hike.. maybe Jerry could take the money form that, which is SUPPOSED to be used for ” ROADS” and help out the city.. It ain’t Trump’s fault that Jerry and the demoRat party have become full-blown Socialists and there is NEVER enough cash to do what needs to be done under that system of failure.


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