Brutal #SFPD wants to shoot at drivers as they pass by

Screenshot 2018-02-03 at 08.09.43.pngThe San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the notoriously brutal SFPD released a video of an auto break-in suspect allegedly running over a plainclothes police officer.

The police officers union said the attack shows how the department’s policy prohibiting officers from firing at moving vehicles puts its “officers’ lives in danger.”

Seriously? No, riding a bike in San Francisco puts “officers’ lives in danger.”  Everybody knows that.

The Police Department released the video while identifying three suspects in the attack as young San Francisco men, two of whom were booked on suspicion of charges including attempted murder.

The video was captured just before noon from a security camera near Pierce and Hayes streets.

In December 2016, the San Francisco Police Commission approved a policy that prohibited police officers from opening fire at moving vehicles.

Apparently the SFPD wants to overturn the policy so they can stand on the sidewalk and shoot at cars as they drive by.

San Francisco should be questioning their policy of allowing trigger-happy racist officers on the streets with firearms in the first place.



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