California considers implementing a health insurance mandate

Screenshot 2018-02-04 at 09.12.34.pngAt least nine states, including California, are considering their own versions of a requirement that residents must have health insurance according to the Wall Street Journal.

The move that could accelerate a divide between Democratic states trying to shore up the Affordable Care Act and Republican states intent on tearing it down.

Congressional Republicans in December repealed the so-called individual mandate, a pillar of the ACA, as part of their tax overhaul.

Maryland lawmakers are pursuing a plan to replace the ACA mandate, which requires most people to pay a penalty if they don’t have coverage. States including California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Washington, Minnesota, New Jersey and Vermont, as well as the District of Columbia, are publicly considering similar ideas.

This push illustrates a shift in the health care battle from Capitol Hill to the states, igniting a surge of activity that could redefine access and coverage for millions of consumers.


One thought on “California considers implementing a health insurance mandate

  1. These deep blue far leftist controlled states are hell bent on full-blown Socialism regardless of the cost. They will try to use the middle class as an ATM machine in a huge wealth redistribution scam to shore up their lower end voters. The cost will be astronomical. As of right now, these blue democRat states are seeing a population shift as the middle class and the rich FLEE these states for the Red States which have sane economic policies and much more freedom. With that many people leaving, you have to wonder how they will pay for it. It demands that you have to have a policy does NOT equal access to quality care.. Like in ALL Socialist Marxist countries, at some point, they cannot afford the care’s cost and the Rationing of care begins. The old are the first to die as they are denied the life saving medicine. Free Markets with competition is the way to go. Not a closed system with 1 or 2 companies with a state monopoly.. Bad idea. Marxism fails always 100% of the time.
    The way to cut this oof is to simply offer health plans across state lines and that ensures competition.


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