Californians rush to get #healthcare paid for by someone else

Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 07.45.29.pngCovered California finished 2018 open enrollment with 423,484 new enrollees signing up for coverage, so the agency’s leader isn’t worried about his agency’s continued existence.

What worries Peter Lee is the fate of the roughly 800,000 Californians who don’t get financial help and who buy their insurance, not through Covered California, but on the individual market.

They are getting shaken-down by hospitals, doctors, the insurance industry and drug manufacturers.

The Sacramento Bee reports that unsubsidized consumers who want healthcare will pay an average of $503 a month for health coverage in 2018, while those who receive subsidies will pay out an average of $116.

When these consumers run out of cash, they’ll all end up in Lee’s plan.



One thought on “Californians rush to get #healthcare paid for by someone else

  1. SSSooooo.. who’s picking up the extra $300 or so of payments.. hhmmmmm.. Lee is running a scam ONLY Congress can end. With Obama Care Mandates over, there’s no reason to end up on Kaly’s Socialist care plan.. Mr. Lee at some point will have to do what other Socialist healthcare planners end up doing.. RATIONING THE CARE to keep expenses down. When Gavin starts his new Everybody must be covered stuff, you can expect things to get pricey and just as expensive. Obviously, free markets are the way to go. An enclosed health system with no competition is doomed to fail.


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