Study praises Governor Brown’s public education financing overhaul

Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 07.28.54.pngThe Mercury News reports that new research shows that California’s landmark overhaul of public education finance and accountability is narrowing achievement gaps between groups of students and helping parents learn about school progress, the state Department of Education reported Tuesday.

The Learning Policy Institute late last week released “Money and Freedom: The Impact of California’s School Finance Reform,” a study by researcher Sean Tanner and University of California, Berkeley professor Rucker Johnson.

The authors examined the impact of the Gov. Jerry Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula, which gave school districts more control over the use of state funds in exchange for greater accountability and parent engagement at the local level.

LCFF, which was approved in 2013, also increased funding to districts that serve students needing extra support. (The achievement gap is generally defined as any significant and ongoing differences in academic performance or achievement between different groups of students, such as white students and ethnic minorities or rich and poor students.)


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