#CristinaGarcia joins the ranks of the capitol’s disgraced sex criminals

Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 07.50.58According to the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento was jolted by the allegations against Cristina Garcia.

The 40-year-old lawmaker now finds herself in a stark reversal of roles, from vanguard of California’s political #MeToo movement who shared her own tales of being groped while in elected office to one of very few women to be publicly accused of sexual harassment. She was so prominent last fall that she appeared in a Time magazine photo collage portraying the “silence breakers” as part of its Person of the Year issue.

Besides the current sex crime charges against her, media reports now say an unnamed lobbyist claims Garcia propositioned him and attempted to grab his crotch at a fundraising event in 2017.

The fallout continued with Garcia’s decision to step aside causing vacancies in several key roles. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon tapped Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) to fill in as acting chair of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. Female legislators conferred on calls about how to fill Garcia’s post as chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus but did not designate a new leader.

The harassment allegations threaten to derail Garcia’s burgeoning profile in state politics.

Experts say the Garcia allegations fit the mold because she has “considerable power” while her accusers do not.


One thought on “#CristinaGarcia joins the ranks of the capitol’s disgraced sex criminals

  1. Another democrat sex prev and criminal from the Me too movement.. Whats with the Dem’s and SEX..crimes .. All they have done for years is lecture the masses on how to treat women and are the champion of women. Now… it turns out that they are the people that they warned us about..


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