L.A. looks at turning city parking lots into homeless gulags

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 06.33.09.png

Los Angeles is cultivating plans that could transform the city’s parking lots into homeless encampments.

Plans are already underway to develop “housing” on large public lots in Venice and Hollywood, while officials review the rest to determine which could support housing according to the Los Angeles Times.

Advocates of the conversion see it as more than a solution to homelessness.

“These opportunities ought to be evaluated in terms of the next vision of what the city ought to be,” said Eric Moss, the architect on a project that would squeeze 140 units onto the Venice parking lot, along with a parking structure to preserve all the spaces there now. “Those lots belong to a completely different history and a completely different time.”

That vision of course is a city overrun by smelly people pushing shopping carts.

“I think we’re going backwards,” Lincoln Heights real estate broker Steven Kasten said about a proposal to build on lots there. “Merchants are not going to have parking. People are going to move out. It’s going to hurt business.”

The idea of converting public parking to housing has been around for decades in L.A. but has gained little traction. In the 1980s, Mayor Tom Bradley proposed leasing rights to developers to build multifamily housing, but there was no follow-up.

Northeast-area Councilman Gil Cedillo revived the idea in 2008 with a plan to build 80 units on three city lots near the Gold Line in Highland Park.

The push for more homeless gulags continues.


One thought on “L.A. looks at turning city parking lots into homeless gulags

  1. what asinine politicians.. Turning parking lots into areas were the bums can hang out and their actually going to use public monies to create MORE government gulags in the downtown areas were people shop and merchants have businesses.. I wouldn’t go near such a sh-thole folks.. Drugs sex crimes, robberies, mentally ill people roaming th


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