Huntington Beach police officers continue to careen out of control

Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 07.12.13.png
Every citizen the enemy.

Team-building among police staff, leadership development, infrastructure improvements and additional staffing are among 16 recommendations for improvement made by an independent consulting firm tasked with studying operations at the Huntington Beach Police Department.

According to the Los Angeles Times, city officials in November hired Costa Mesa-based Management Partners to gather employee perspectives on the department’s strengths and limitations amid mounting tension between Chief Robert Handy and the city’s police unions.

The 65-page report notes “deep divisions” in the Police Department, with a lack of trust and negative employee relations.

As part of its $52,900 contract with the city, Management Partners conducted interviews with department staff, met with union leaders, circulated a confidential online employee survey and held focus groups, according to the group.

The report concludes that city leaders, police management and employees and the Huntington Beach Police Officers Assn., which represents the department’s rank-and-file, will need to work together to move the agency forward.

The odds of that happening are zero.

The strain between the union and Handy culminated last year in a no-confidence vote among the rank-and-file and a request for the chief’s ouster. That later was echoed by the Huntington Beach Police Management Assn., which represents captains and lieutenants.


Like so many police departments in California, the Huntington Beach Police Department is a rouge operation staffed by brutal police officers who are managed in reality by racist union leaders. In their view, every citizen is a threat, and no amount of force is too excessive. To people like this, the Constitution, and your rights, mean nothing.


One thought on “Huntington Beach police officers continue to careen out of control

  1. I’d like to see the cops call in with the BLUE FLU for two weeks so the criminals could have a free time to do as they please. After two weeks, I’m betting that everyone would be happy as clams in a barrel to have them back. OR.. like Baltimore, they could just make it an 8 hr job and go home each day.. we all know what happened to Baltimore to this very day..


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