Purdue Pharma doesn’t need to advertise OxyContin any longer

Screenshot 2018-02-12 at 08.16.18.pngThe manufacturer of the powerful painkiller OxyContin announced this week that it will stop promoting its opioid drugs to doctors after years of criticism and mounting lawsuits, some based in part on a Los Angeles Times investigation.

Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma informed its employees that it was cutting its sales force in half, leaving about 200 representatives in the U.S., who no longer will visit doctors’ offices to discuss the company’s opioid products.

Since drug-loving Americans all over the country know and love the powerful opioid, distributing it is pretty much on autopilot.

Despite OxyContin’s popularity among drug users, the company is facing dozens of lawsuits from cities across the country for illegal distribution of the drug.

More than 7 million Americans are estimated to have abused OxyContin since it hit the streets in 1996.


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