San Jose Police Chief: “We will not enforce federal immigration laws”

Screenshot 2018-02-12 at 08.34.26.pngAmid rising anxiety in immigrant communities fueled by deportation fears and increasingly aggressive federal operations, San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia did one of the things he does best.

He preached. Literally.

During the Spanish-language Sunday afternoon mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish south of downtown, Garcia took the pulpit and reassured congregants that his department is not assisting or performing the work of federal immigration agents who have become more active in the South Bay and broader region.

According to the East Bay Times, the chief echoed a call he made over a year ago in the wake of the last presidential election. “It’s been our longstanding policy that we will not enforce federal immigration laws,” Garcia said.



One comment

  1. I wonder what other laws this illegal Mexican sycophant won’t enforce ether… His last name says it all. The Fed DOJ now needs to go to his dept and either sue this jerk who has decided NOT to do his job .. and .. or make sure that he doesn’t get ANY federal funds. Can you imagine if he said he wasn’t going to enforce murder, robbery and other crimes and this IS a crime being here illegally. They should double target this man who is siding with criminals over the American citizens.. DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!


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