#ProLife activists use #Google to outsmart abortion clinics

Screenshot 2018-02-13 at 07.12.02.pngAccording to the East Bay Times, women and girls using Google to find an abortion clinic in the Bay Area may end up in the hands of a ProLife run crisis pregnancy center that doesn’t terminate pregnancies and instead pushes clients to give birth.

Abortion clinics are livid.

ProLife facilities are featured at or near the top in results for queries such as, “Where can I get an abortion near me?”

The serving up of ProLife results that are opposite to the actual goal of the search is most pronounced when a user goes to Google Maps after searching for an abortion provider.

Searching for, “Where can I get an abortion near me?” delivered slightly different results: RealOptions at the first and third spots, with Planned Parenthood in between. For that search, RealOptions also came up at No. 4 in the non-Maps results for the Google search, while it occupied spots seven through nine in non-Maps results for the “Abortion providers near me” query.

RealOptions typically advertises pregnancy services and counseling, and seek to divert girls and women away from abortion and toward adoption and parenthood.

Google said it would investigate why crisis-pregnancy centers are showing up in results for searches seeking abortion clinics.


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