Losers who tried to recall Speaker #AnthonyRendon fail miserably

Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 08.11.23.pngThe Los Angeles Times reports that a grassroots effort to recall Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon over his decision last year to shelve a single-payer healthcare measure has sputtered, according to organizers.

The Recall Rendon campaign posted on Facebook that their attempt to recall Rendon, a Democrat from Paramount, “will not move forward,” explaining that collecting the required 23,000 signatures was too burdensome.

Stephen Elzie, an attorney working with the recall effort, said some involved with the campaign are now turning their attention to trying to oust Rendon in the fall. He is being challenged by Maria Estrada, a progressive activist.

“For the most part, we’ve shifted gears. People working on the recall are now working on Maria’s campaign,” Elzie said.

Rendon has faced progressive ire since last summer, when he decided to shelve Senate Bill 562, a measure to establish a single-payer healthcare system in California. Rendon said the proposal was “woefully incomplete,” pointing to the lack of a funding plan and barriers to implementation from the federal government and the state’s Constitution.

The bottom line: Rendon has done a good job as speaker. He should never have been targeted by a recall and he deserves to be re-elected.



One thought on “Losers who tried to recall Speaker #AnthonyRendon fail miserably

  1. One of the VERY FEW demorats who might have common sense. The 400 billion $$ price tag was and still is. ABSURD. Vermont tossed it around and dumped this asinine idea also. They determined they would need a 25% gross income tax to even get it off the ground. While Kaly has a larger population, the 400 billion $$$ cost is the road to ruin as the middle class once again is being called on to finance Jerry’s dirt poor voters so they can use the middle classes money against them in the election for more free goodies.. Freakin get out of Kaly folks. It’s on a track with no one running the train and it’s going to hit a huge financial collapse after they do take over the health care like Hugo Chavez did in the Socialist qonderland of Venezuela with the same eventual result… Ruin, poverty and despare. Jerry can’t even keep the roads in repair. Just imagine Kaly looking like Detroit and Chicago after this stuff is implemented and the population flees.. Just who;s going to pay for this after the taxpayers leave. ?????


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