#CNN political commentator compares the #homeless to a “zombie apocalypse”

Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 08.56.56.png

For years California voters have been nothing but compassionate towards the state’s homeless population, repeatedly voting to tax ourselves to provide more resources for affordable housing, mental health services, public transportation and addiction treatment facilities.

In return, we’ve lost control of park space, rivers, public transit systems, downtown commercial hubs, and even residential neighborhoods. It seems today like we have somehow traded the California paradise we remember for something more akin to a zombie apocalypse movie.”

That according to John Phillips, a CNN political commentator in a recent Los Angeles Daily News opinion piece.

Phillips goes on, “Politicians, advocates for the homeless and the courts have to understand that compassion is a two-way street. Their institutional lack of empathy, care or concern for the residents who are forced to suffer the consequences, as well as pay the bills, for their failed programs is beyond appalling.”

Moreover he says, “The powers that be seem to have nothing but scorn for those people. They want you to shut up, keep paying your rising tax bill and check your privilege.”

Phillips’ dehumanization of the homeless continues throughout his screed.  In the end, it’s what bigots do.


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