When brutal hateful #racisim dominated #MontereyCounty

Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 08.10.27.pngDemocrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s infamous Executive Order 9066 was responsible for more than 3,500 Japanese and Japanese Americans living in the Monterey Bay area to be stripped of their land and possessions, and detained with the help of the Monterey County Sheriff at the Salinas Armory and the Salinas Rodeo Grounds. They were later shipped like animals to an internment camp in Poston, Arizona.

A little over a year later, the county’s Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution calling for federal authorities not to release those imprisoned in the camps, arguing that they could not be trusted to be loyal Americans.

The East Bay Times reports that three-quarters of a century later, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution formally apologizing for the county’s actions, which noted the county would “forever regret its residents of Japanese ancestry were treated with the loss of their rights, property, liberty, and civic standing,” and the “humiliation and financial losses that they suffered.”

WTF took these racist jerks so long?



One thought on “When brutal hateful #racisim dominated #MontereyCounty

  1. Isn’t that so nice and PC.. AND FDR was another Democrat racist himself.. Eugenics was a big part of his admin’s attempt to keep blacks under control. He and Margret sanger were great friends !!. The Democrats are historicaly racists. They were the Southren Slave owners, they ran the KKK as the military arm of the DemoRat Party, they invented the Jim Crow laws and finally.. Daddy Gore and Bill Klintoons mentor in the Senate refused voting and civil rights to blacks.Enienhower and LBJ had to get the Repubs to pass these basic American rights over the democrat screaming objection.. Nothng has changed for them.


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