California’s tax revenues exceeds expectations for the second straight month

Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 07.59.45.pngBad news for Right-wing California haters. The vanguard of the blue states has a booming economy that’s raking in a huge tax windfall.

California’s tax revenues far exceeded expectations in January for the second consecutive month. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that it remains to be seen how much of the excess reflects underlying strength in the economy, versus people speeding up their 2017 state income tax payments while they were still fully deductible on federal tax returns.

State income tax revenues for January totaled $16.3billion, which was $2.5 billion higher than was expected in its current forecast released in January.

Most of that came from personal income tax payments of $13.1 billion, which was $2.4 billion more than expected. The rest came from corporate income tax and sales and use taxes.

In December, total state income taxes came in a whopping $4 billion ahead of expectations, with $3.2 billion of that surprise coming from personal income taxes.


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