Legislators move to ban tackle football until high school

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According to the Sacramento Bee, hours after two California legislators unveiled a plan to outlaw tackle football until high school, angry coaches, parents and former players began mobilizing to protect America’s favorite sport from a notoriously “nanny” state government.

They created a Twitter account, SaveCaliforniaFootball, and a matching hashtag. One coach set up a meeting with a Sacramento lobbyist to learn how to engage lawmakers on bills. An online petition opposing the bill collected more than 30,000 signatures in a little over three days.

Mike Wagner, a Pop Warner official in Los Angeles and an organizer of the growing opposition campaign, described the legislation another way: “It’s completely un-American.”

Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty hasn’t even formally introduced the bill yet.

McCarty and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, both Democrats, announced their intent last week to craft legislation to establish a minimum age to play contact football, comparing their proposed government intervention in the sport to previous public health measures that mandated car seats and vaccines for children.

A California law signed in 2014 limits middle and high school teams from holding more than two full-contact practices per week. It also prevents teams from running full-contract drills and scrimmages for more than 90 minutes in a single day. Athletes who suffer concussions must complete a return-to-play protocol for at least a week under the supervision or a licensed health care provider.

The state also requires teams to immediately remove a player suspected of suffering a head injury from the field for the rest of the day and bars them from returning until they receive written clearance from a doctor.

The goal of the Legislature is clear. They they are moving in the direction of a total ban and the elimination of the sport in the state.


One thought on “Legislators move to ban tackle football until high school

  1. It’s a done deal.. Sorry, but they are hell bound to kill off anythi8ng that is based on American culture.. Keep voting democrap folks.. The utopian nightmare is slowly forming and it comes with Jack booted thugs from the legislature. LAve this crap hole and find freedom elsewhere. !!


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