Romney launches Senate bid by embracing illegal immigration

Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 08.43.19.pngThe Los Angeles Times is reporting that Mitt Romney has launched his Senate bid with feel-good video.

The video attacks President Trump and embraces illegal immigration.

The Republican Party’s 2012 presidential standard-bearer, launched his anticipated political comeback in a 2 1/2-minute feel-good video, Romney held up his adopted home state as a model for the country and example that Washington could learn from. “Utah has balanced its budget,” he said. “Washington is buried in debt.”

“Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world,” he went on, contrasting that stance with Trump’s hard-line stance. “Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion.”

Romney’s use of the term “legal” is simply a code-word to give a nod to his wealthy business supporters and friends around the country whose companies prosper as a by exploiting illegal workers. It’s been a mainstay of the GOP’s platform for decades.

It’s clear Romney supports illegal immigration into the United States.

Romney, 70, enters the contest a prohibitive favorite, notwithstanding the fact he was born in Michigan, where his father served six years as governor, and built his business and political careers in Massachusetts.

A millionaire many times over, Romney keeps two homes in Utah — in the resort town of Park City and in Holladay, an upscale Salt Lake City suburb — and, far from being viewed as an opportunist, is regarded as something of a native son.

He was the consensus pick of Republican leaders to replace Sen. Orrin Hatch the instant the seven-term incumbent announced he would retire in January 2019.

Like Hatch, Romney is a wealthy white elitist who has spent his entire political career enriching himself at your expense.


One thought on “Romney launches Senate bid by embracing illegal immigration

  1. What Jerk.. He is the FACE of the Deep State and a 3-time loser. We are swamped with illegals and legal immigrants.. He and his donors want dirt cheap labor and to continue Barry Obamas destructive open borders attempt to flip the demographics. Wanna bet he is also going to try to run for President a 4th time so he can purposely LOSER to another democrap !! Just go away. If the people of Utah elect this deep state RINO, we are in for a bad time. A real conservative needs to run against this carpet bagger. from Michigan.


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