Voter continue to flee from the #CaGOP

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Voters in California continue to flee from the Republican Party.

Voters in California continue to flee from the California Republican Party.

Registered independents may soon outnumber pathetic Republicans on California’s voter rolls according to the Los Angeles Times.

This should come as not surprise, as the party clings to a platform of white elitism and animus towards the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color.

As the June 5 primary election approaches, Democrats still dominate California’s voting rolls and the percentage of independent voters continues to rise, according to new figures provided by the secretary of state’s office.

Just shy of a quarter of the state’s voters now forgo any party label, registering as “no party preference,” a slight increase from last year. If the trend continues, as expected, California’s pool of independent voters could soon surpass the number of Republicans in the state.

Democrats account for 45% of California’s registered voters, giving the party a 19 percentage point advantage over the GOP, the state registration figures show.

The Democratic Party’s slice of the electorate in non-presidential election cycles has remained relatively stagnant for two decades, while the Republican Party’s registration slipped by 10 percentage points.

The percentage of independents, meanwhile, has more than doubled since 1997.



One thought on “Voter continue to flee from the #CaGOP

  1. and how is that supermajority doing folks.. Massive gas hikes, power bills that are 4 times the national average, sanctuary cities that protect criminal aliens, water shortages, two huge wildfires that burned large parts of kaly and two dams that almost failed to due NO maintenance and the list goes on… But hey, there are any Repubs worth voting for and that kool. !!!! Enjoy Fluffy Gavin as your next crackpot governor.


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