Can #StevePoizner shake the #racist #CaGOP from his past? Probably not

Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 08.04.00It’s old news now that Former California GOP gubernatorial candidate, Steve Poizner is running for insurance commissioner again. This time as an independent.

The San Francisco Chronicle is right in reporting that the Republican brand has been so severely damaged and diminished in California that, barring a dramatic reversal of fortune in the polls, the party will not have a candidate on the ballot for governor or U.S. senator in the November election.

That’s what happens to racist jerks in a state dominated by people of color.

Poizner is back, trying to regain his old job, but no longer as a Republican. He is running as an independent in a field that includes five Democrats, one Republican and a Peace and Freedom candidate.

As if no one will remember he was a Republican. That’s funny.



One thought on “Can #StevePoizner shake the #racist #CaGOP from his past? Probably not

  1. the headline is misleading. The GOP is not the racists.. The DemoRats are.. Sorry, but they were the southern slaveowners, they invented the KKK ( Nathan Bedford ) they ran the Jim Crow laws and finally, Eisenhower and LBJ had to get GOP votes to pass civil and voting rights because Daddy Gore and other Southern Dem’s refused ALL constitutional rights to blacks.. Revisionist history isn’t working.


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