#GavinNewsom outed for #VoterSupression targeting #Latinos

Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 08.43.53
Gavin Newsom’s desperate attempt to keep Latino votes from counting.

An increasingly desperate Gavin Newsom pushed back forcefully on Friday against a suggestion that his camp had anything to do with the surprise candidacy of Democrat Amanda Renteria for governor.


An advisor to Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaign speculated that Newsom’s team wants Renteria in the governor’s race in an effort to split the Latino vote.

It’s just the kind of race-based tactic elite California Democrats are known best for. Unlike the old days, when Republicans were their target, now it’s Villaraigosa.

The thought of a Mexican-American leading California is too frightening to imagine for California’s white elite Bay Area Democrats. They will do anything to prevent that from happening.

Newsom, currently California’s lieutenant governor, was responding to Mike Madrid, a Villaraigosa advisor, telling KQED that “something just doesn’t smell right” with the hasty, last-minute rollout of Renteria’s campaign. Madrid said he believes “the dots are there” to connect Renteria, a former Hillary Clinton aide with Newsom’s campaign.

“Follow the money,” Madrid said. “If you start to see Gavin Newsom money, independent money start, you’re really going to know something is wrong. It’s part of the larger divide-and-suppress strategy of the Latino vote.”

Newsom feigned outrage by the assertion of voter suppression.

“It’s insulting and unfounded … a desperate and sad assertion that is ludicrous and truly bizarre,” he said.

Yeah right, we’re supposed to believe a guy who had sex with his campaign manager’s wife.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Renteria’s decision to enter the governor’s race so late in the contest, with no public statement or campaign website or apparent political team, dumbfounded even her allies.

No one believes Newsom. He’s a liar, an abuser of women, and obviously a racist.



One thought on “#GavinNewsom outed for #VoterSupression targeting #Latinos

  1. yep.. the dem’s have been doing this for decades to the Repbs.. They find a RINO to draw votes off. Check her bank acct to see if it has recently been filled with nice fat checks.. She’s a plant no doubt.


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