The #elites dominate the #BayArea…if you’re young, there’s nothing for you here

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They’re rich and white, and they make the rules in the Bay Area.

Need more proof that the Bay Area has become a place for the wealthy white elite?

According to the East Bay Times, Samantha Sprau rents a 450-square-foot studio north of downtown Oakland with appliances and gold-speckled laminate that could be decades older than she is.

It costs $1,575 per month.

“It’s a ton for one person to pay,” said the 27-year-old battery engineer, who finds herself relying on the same grocery-skimping survival skills she learned as a broke undergraduate at San Jose State: snacks for lunch and “lentil soup for days.”

“I feel like it shouldn’t be so insane,” she said, “that a single professional should be able to afford a studio apartment.”

The Bay Area economy is booming, but if you’re under 40 or a renter, chances are high that you don’t travel or go out to eat much, and you might be cutting back on groceries.

A five-county poll conducted for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (the wealthy white elite) and the East Bay Times (the clueless Leftist elite) also found that more than one-third of Bay Area apartment renters and one-quarter of residents in their 20s and 30s say they are struggling to afford their housing.

Overall, 19 percent of those surveyed said they were having trouble making their monthly housing payments or rent. But those renting apartments were nearly three times as likely as those living in condominiums to have that problem — 34 percent compared to 13 percent, the survey found.

Over half of the registered voters who responded reported cutting back “a great deal” or “some” on other expenses because of the cost of housing, the survey found.

Bay Area residents under 40 were more than three times as likely to report they slashed other expenses “a great deal” to cover their housing costs than those over 60, the survey found, and were twice as likely to say that they struggle to afford their current housing situation.


One thought on “The #elites dominate the #BayArea…if you’re young, there’s nothing for you here

  1. As life goes on in the People’s Republic of Democrat owened Socialist Kaliformulastan! When are voters going to ocme to their senses and THROW out all these crime riddled frauds and fakers!?


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