Greedy doctors, hospitals, insurers, and PhRMA continue to crush single-payer

Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 07.15.14.pngSpeaker Anthony Rendon took the fall for healthcare lobbyists last year when he spiked the single-payer health plan bill making its way through the Legislature.

It’s back, but healthcare industry lobbyists are roughing it up bigtime.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the bill that would replace the existing health care system with a new one run by a single payer — specifically, the state government — and paid for with taxpayer money is floundering again.

Even an effort by activists to recall Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Los Angeles, for shelving last year’s bill has gone dormant. An initiative that would lay the financial groundwork for a future single-payer system has little funding, undercutting its chances to qualify for the ballot.

Media cheerleaders are prodding the failed effort along just the same. By their measure, single-payer is riding a wave of enthusiasm from progressive Democrats and it is now a front-and-center issue in California’s 2018 elections.

It’s been discussed in virtually every forum with the candidates running for governor, emerged as a point of contention in some legislative races, and probably will be a rallying cry at the upcoming California Democratic Party convention.

This is all well and good, but until activists figure out how to pay-off the greedy doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry, single-payer is going nowhere in California. After all, our healthcare isn’t about us…it’s about them.


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  1. This is all well and good, but until activists figure out how to pay for this disaster is anybody’s guess.. ObamaCare in another form run by the same bad Marxist demoRat politicians and the result of ObamaCare was that no one could afford to pay the premium AND the deductible. to see a doctor. It was and still IS a way to redistribute monies from the shrinking Kaly middle class and give it to their illegal alien and poverty voting block.. Socialism ALWAYS. FAILS and will continue to fail.. This is just the latest example of trying to buy off the voters..


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