A decision on sex criminal Mendoza could come any day now

Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 07.51.21The Sacramento Bee  is reporting that the Senate Rules Committee is putting the finishing touches on its recommendation to the rest of the Senate on what to do about their sex criminal colleague Tony Mendoza.

Last week the five-member panel of lawmakers reviewed a report on the now-completed investigation. All senators are to receive the facts tomorrow.

Mendoza is on paid leave pending the outcome of the probe.

A panel of lawmakers also previously stripped him of his committee posts, including his chairmanship of the Insurance, Banking and Financial Institutions Committee.  A major juice committee. So this is costing him a lot of money.

On Thursday, a day before Democrats gather in San Diego for their annual convention, the Senate could take action on Mendoza if the punishment is serious enough to require a floor vote. Possible repercussions for him include censure, suspension, expulsion, or no discipline at all. (We’re banking on the latter….hey, it’s Sacramento.)

Officials say Mendoza would be given the opportunity to tell his side of the story, a scenario that would draw considerable attention given the heightened tensions between the disgraced official and his colleagues, some of whom have grown impatient with him.

In the lawsuit Mendoza brought last week, Mendoza asserted that the Senate has treated him unfairly and violated his constitutional rights when the panel of lawmakers extended his voluntary leave of absence late last month. Hubris knows no boundaries.



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