#EliteMedia struggles to make #ShaunWhite’s sex crimes go away

Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 08.30.25.pngIt was expected to be a coronation: snowboarder Shaun White, shredding the halfpipe in an epic performance that won him Olympic gold.

As he basked in the story of the Winter Games, allegations of sexual misconduct resurfaced, first on social media, then at White’s victory news conference. Eager to focus on his win, White waved away the accusations with a choice of words that made things worse, not better.

“I’m here to talk about the Olympics,” he said, “not gossip and stuff.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that like some other high-profile men, sex criminal White found his triumphal moment usurped by an abruptly resurfacing past. And a story that had received scant attention between Olympic cycles was suddenly one of the biggest in the world.

Hours later, he was on NBC’s “Today” show apologizing for his comment. But in the era of #metoo, what should have been a triumphal and defining moment in White’s life collided with one of his lowest.

The elite media is crying alligator tears. Apparently White has made the cut and has become one of the sex criminals the elite media has decided to shelter.

As his legacy is written and rewritten, White will be remembered more for his accusations of sexual misconduct. That’s how it should be. Winning a gold medal in the Olympics doesn’t make everything all better. No matter how hard the elite media struggles to make it so.


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