#Racisim explodes in #Sacramento schools

Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 08.07.15.png
Sacramento might as well be in Mississippi.

For whites only.

Exclusive magnet academies in the Sacramento region are meant to draw the best students from across their districts, but they are in fact enclaves of white students from middle- and upper-income homes – schools within schools catering to limited demographics.

A review of Sacramento County schools by the Sacramento Bee revealed that the number of African American and Hispanic students in accelerated high school programs is often much lower than the percentages in the general student population at the same school.

Little wonder. Sacramento is one of California’s most racist communities.

McClatchy High School faced controversy last week when a student in its accelerated program did a science fair project questioning if there were low numbers of certain races in the program because they had lower intelligence levels. After the project came to light, Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge Aguilar announced a review of equity and diversity in elite programs district-wide. He also said the district would investigate how the student’s project was allowed to go on display.

Mira Loma High School in the San Juan Unified School District is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education after the National Center for Youth Law filed a civil rights complaint saying school officials did nothing when African American students dropped out of the IB program after being harassed and belittled because of their race last year.

The lack of diversity is an open secret and indicative of ongoing discrimination that Sacramento schools and districts have perpetuated for years.



One thought on “#Racisim explodes in #Sacramento schools

  1. Funny isn’t it that the Sacto areas and city are run top tp bottom by DemoRats.. The same political party that were the southern slaveowners, Ran the KKK , Jim Crow Laws and refused civil and voting rights to blacks in Congress. Anyone see a pattern here.


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