#LA’s #homeless bring drugs, filth, and #hepatitisA to local neighborhoods


Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 07.14.57.pngAccording to the Los Angeles Times, Southern California’s homeless population has exploded.

The South Bay and Harbor areas have seen a surge of an estimated 6,145 people calling outdoor camps home — a 4% increase from 2016.

The situation has alarmed Los Angeles County health officials, who fear the growing encampments are ripe for public health outbreaks, notably hepatitis A, which caused numerous deaths in San Diego’s homeless community.

So the county is placing toilets, sinks and other supplies in the camps. Nearby residents fear the county’s action have made the temporary camps permanent.

Los Angeles’ homeless camps are rapidly moving into into suburbs, bringing crime, drugs, and disease with them.  Local residents are freaking out.



One thought on “#LA’s #homeless bring drugs, filth, and #hepatitisA to local neighborhoods

  1. Local Residence SHOULD freak out.. It’s clear that the leftist they keep voting into office because they’re compassionate are totally incapable of solving this fiasco. It would be that hard to solve. End Sanctuary cites, crack down on these people in the camps who sell drugs, offer them help with their issues. STOP handing out welfare and building houses every one them.. It’s a MAGNET.. Who wouldn’t want to live in a nice warm climate with free food, welfare handouts, and generous taxpayer-funded housing.. Once the others hear that, they come in droves Next recognize that you are not able to house every bum who flops down and pitches a tent.Then, finally.. get rid of the failing Socialist governments that are eating up the city budgets and set up real economic zones so if they want a job, they can get one. Other than that, many simply don’t want a job or with mental and drug issues aren’t capable of working !!. DDDAaaahhhh


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