Pathetic #WhiteSupremacists still dominate the #LAFD

Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 07.26.11.pngWe know about how Los Angeles’s firefighters feel about women in the firehouse. Apparently the predominantly white firefighters aren’t too happy with people of color around either.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Fire Department has experienced a series of “divisive” workplace incidents in recent months.

In a two-page letter posted Friday, Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas said his agency has experienced “on-duty heated discussions regarding the perception of a lack of patriotism by NFL players” who have kneeled during the national anthem.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 07.29.44.png
Is there a “secret society” within the Los Angeles Fire Department?

In a separate incident, firefighters from different ethnic backgrounds had a “near physical altercation” after someone showed up late to work, Terrazas wrote.

In yet another, the department received complaints about “a perceived lack of sensitivity” toward non-white firefighters during an investigation.

“These types of issues and incidents are divisive and can erode our ability to accomplish our collective mission to protect the lives and property of the people of Los Angeles,” the chief said in his letter.

As of last week, the Fire Department’s workforce was 47% white, 11% black, 32% Hispanic and 9% Asian, according to numbers provided to The Times.

Peter Sanders, a spokesman for the department, declined to discuss details on the near physical altercation and the department investigation mentioned by Terrazas in his letter with the Times. Both situations are being investigated by the department’s Professional Standards Division, Sanders said.

It’s past the time for the city to address the racism in the LAFD. Discipline must be restored immediately. The white supremacists in the LAFD need to understand they are not above the law.



2 thoughts on “Pathetic #WhiteSupremacists still dominate the #LAFD

  1. What kind of a garbage race-baiting headline is this? You call yourself a journalist? You should call yourself a tabloid author.

    I notice you left out the part of this article (that you stole from another website) conveniently leaves out the part where two white captains were awarded 2.5 million dollars for racial discrimination (they’re white, remember?)

    The article also mentions that two firefighters argued over late relief. For those who don’t know about the fire service (like yourself) that means that a firefighter going going off shift couldn’t go home to his family on time, because the firefighter relieving him/her did not show up on time. The article specifically says that this incident was time related and does NOT mention it was race related, other than to say each firefighter was cosmetically different.

    Nothing in this article suggests “white supremacey”, you literally made that up. You created propaganda. My city is stronger than whatever divisive desires you and thus garbage website have. You will not divide us.

    Sincerely- a proud member of the fire service.


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