#DianeFeinstein being humiliated at the California Democratic Party convention

Screenshot 2018-02-23 at 07.04.02
The elite media can’t save her.

Diane Feinstein’s lethargic career in Washington may be coming to an abrupt end if events at this year’s California Democratic Party convention are any indication.

She’s being consistently snubbed by party activists. In short, this is probably the most humiliating experience she’s had in decades.

Other than members of her entourage, we’ve found no evidence that she has any substantive supporters here.

Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 09.11.51.png
“Ke-vin! Ke-vin!”

On the other hand, her primary challenger and the Democrat’s new hero, Kevin de León meets adroing, wildly cheering crowds wherever he goes.

The white, elite California media is in a panic. There’s not much they can do the help Feinstein, who they adore. The looks on their faces here at the convention are telling.

One stunned and angry reporter was overheard saying, “these f*cking Latinos are going to kill us in November.”

Making the rounds here, Feinstein remains a broken record, yammering “gun control, gun control”.

Convention activists don’t disagree, but the fact is it’s de León who has a better record on gun issues than Feinstein they say. He’s also done more for farm workers, immigrants, teachers, and union members.

Reporters here are scrambling to find a narrative that makes Feinstein look good. Meanwhile the place is rocking around them with wild screams of, “Ke-vin! Ke-vin!”

Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 09.45.39.png
An act of desperation.
Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 09.45.25.png
#FakeNews…the “welcome” was tepid at best.



One comment

  1. León who has a better record on gun issues than Feinstein.
    That’s NOT a compliment folks. It means he’s even more off the reservation than Di Fi and hell bent on full blown confiscation .. It’s worked well in Kaly ain’t it.


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