New rape allegation hits an already tarnished California Senate

Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 08.39.37.pngJust how bad are things in Sacramento? Apparently pretty bad.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a former legislative aide filed a complaint with the state claiming that the California Senate failed to accommodate her emotional disabilities after an alleged rape by an Assembly employee and fired her last year for “minor work performance issues.”

Catalina Sanchez’s complaint to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing says she reported the alleged rape to both houses of the Legislature.

A subsequent investigation by the Assembly did not substantiate the allegation. After Sanchez received medical treatment following the alleged rape in 2016, law enforcement was contacted.

The man, who is not named in Sanchez’s complaint, was not prosecuted.

The complaint, filed against the Senate, Secretary of the Senate Daniel Alvarez and the Senate’s Deputy Secretary of Human Resources Jeannie Oropeza on Friday, is a required step before filing a lawsuit against the Legislature.

It asserts that Sanchez’s supervisors and the Senate human resources officials were told of her post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and a sleep disorder she suffered after her alleged rape and were responsible for accommodating her needs.

Naturally, Senate officials declined to comment on the claim.


2 thoughts on “New rape allegation hits an already tarnished California Senate

  1. These are the tolerant and benevolent dem’s who lecture us and they themselves are the rapists and sex criminals.. So far.. since the ” Me too” movement has started across America, the sex criminals ARE..90% .. let’s say that again .. 90% of the sex criminals are DEMORATS.. Wow.. the perv party is on full display..


  2. It bothers me that you use the term alleged when she went to the hospital, had a rape kit performed and medical staff called police. There was a rape. Nothing alleged about it.

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