Waves of threats overwhelm L.A. schools since Florida shooting

Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 07.50.00.pngHey Los Angeles…your kids are psychos.

Threats against schools have become a fact of life since the Valentine’s Day shooting that left 17 students and teachers dead in a Florida high school. The Los Angeles Times reports that almost every day this week brought a new report that sent law enforcement scrambling to decipher the meaning and intent of teenagers’ social media posts and comments to friends. School district officials said they were taking even the vaguest of threats seriously, too afraid to do otherwise.

Some law enforcement officials said teenagers’ ability to hide their identities and locations online had made it increasingly difficult to gauge the seriousness of threats, particularly when they’re made over social media.

Some of the threats appear to be hoaxes while others have involved students with easy access to guns. But given the climate — and a humiliated FBI’s acknowledgment that it ignored warnings about an accused Florida shooter — police say they are not taking any chances.

Since Feb. 14, the Sheriff’s Department’s criminal investigations bureau has received 19 tips about possible threats against Los Angeles County schools.

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s police force has received 160 calls related to a “possible criminal threat” since the Parkland shooting, ranging from threats against an individual student to those directed at an entire school. Nine people younger than age 18 have been arrested, officials said, though how many are L.A. Unified students is unclear.


One thought on “Waves of threats overwhelm L.A. schools since Florida shooting

  1. It certainly looks like the Kaly leftist politicians are now reaping what they have sown.. Wack-job kids with computers and vengeance in their little hearts and maybe .. just maybe..guns.. Hey, hows that gun control going for Jerry and his voters… Looks like anyone in Klay can buy a pistol in a few minutes with enough cash..
    Perhaps it’s time to bring back .. FATHERS since Kaly and the demorat party has replaced them with the benevolent welfare state and they are now nothing but feral humans running wild. When you read and see nothing but radical democrats screaming KILL .. anybody who disagrees’s with them, then you can easily understand why they think that smokin folks that disagree with their narrow views.. courtesy of their crackpot teachers,m is OK !!!!!!!!


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