Convention delegates reject #DianeFeinstein

Screenshot 2018-02-23 at 07.04.02The Los Angeles Times is reporting that “the California Democratic Party decided not to endorse in the U.S. Senate contest on Saturday, an embarrassing rebuke of veteran Sen. Dianne Feinstein.”

No kidding. Despite the California press corp’s love fest in print, Feinstein got her walking papers from the convention’s delegates.

Feinstein has ignored California for years while at the same time enriching herself and her husband as a U.S. Senator.

Kevin de León, who, unlike Feinstein, embraces the party’s activists. His campaign team did a masterful job of blocking Feinstein’s endorsement. This gives his campaign a major boost.


One thought on “Convention delegates reject #DianeFeinstein

  1. Leon is a radical socialist democrap folks and along with his comrade, Harris is begging to cause mayhem in Congress. They represent the Unions and Saul Alinsky.. Not the people of the once great state of Kaly.


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